Introducing Bat Norton® – the mix of quality and creativity.

We use premium materials to craft garments that fuse comfort and style.

Unique design

Own production

Shipping worldwide

With our production hub in Bangkok and a dedicated design office, each piece involves meticulous crafting for a distinctive design and impeccable fit.

Guiding the entire production process from initial sketch to the final product, we maintain commitment to quality in every garment. Our collection features exclusive designer pieces, such as the kimono jacket and jackets with sharp-accented shoulders, harmonizing fashion, functionality, and original Asian flair.

At the heart of our brand is versatility, allowing you to create unique looks for any occasion. Embracing the trends of agenderism, we offer a variety of unisex pieces, challenging stereotypes and celebrating the richness of Asian fashion and traditions.

Bat Norton®'s mission is to empower creative individuals to express themselves through comfortable and stylish clothing.

Join us in embracing a world where quality, innovation, and self-expression converge.

Bat Norton